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Diversity and Equality

All students have a right to a good and safe study environment. For this reason we have a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Diversity at the Norwegian Academy of Music is about recognizing and making space for a broad spectrum of human, musical, social and cultural expressions, backgrounds, competencies and perspectives. Such diversity arises naturally out of inclusive and non-discriminatory communities. Therefore, the Norwegian Academy of Music wishes to promote this type of community, where people can meet, work, create and reside in safety.

Diversity Declaration of the Norwegian Academy of Music

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) shall ensure than everyone – regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation – has genuinely equal opportunities. For this reason we must always challenge longstanding patterns and unconscious attitudes.

The Committee for Diversity and Equality (UML) at the NMH is involved in efforts to heighten awareness of diversity and equality at the NMH and to propose measures for promoting it. The Committee functions as a support for leaders at every level, and collaborates with the Student Committee (SUT) in this area.

Karolina Le is student reprecentative in the The Committee for Diversity and Equality. Contact her at email

Facts about equality at NMH

In the annual rapport (, sent to the Gouvernment every year NMH present statistict about diversity and equality. The annual report is only in Norwegian.