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Course Requirements

Guidelines on course requirements at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

1. The course requirements describe all forms of mandatory participation in taught classes and obligatory coursework, assignments and internal tests required in order to register for the final exam. The course requirements do not form part of the final assessment described on the diploma.

2. The objective of the course requirements is to ensure that the student acquires fundamental skills that cannot be measured by sitting an exam in the subject. Assignments designed to provide exam practice or measures designed to ensure that the students make appropriate progress on their course may not be included in the course requirements.

3. All course requirements in a subject must be specified in the course description. This includes information about the type of work/assignment, scope and submission/completion deadlines (plus the deadline for meeting the course requirements, where relevant).

4. Well before the exam the course co-ordinator or another authorised person should provide the examination office with a list of students who have not met the course requirements in the subject and who will therefore not be able to sit the exam. This must be coordinated in subjects where there are multiple teachers to allow the (course) co-ordinator to submit a complete list to the examinations office.

5. Teachers are free to give the students additional assignments, but these cannot be made mandatory.