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Master's Thesis

Information about layout, submission and publication of your Master's thesis – as well as the Master's Project proposal guidelines.

Master's Project proposal guidelines

For: Music Performance.

Note that the project proposal requirements for Master with written thesis differ from the other Master of Music Performance options. Guidelines for the two different project proposals are listed below.

Submitting your thesis

First, you must submit a Project Proposal and Supervisor Agreement.

The Master's thesis must be submitted electronically as a PDF file in the digital exam platform used by NMH.

You have to design the Master's thesis frontpage yourself, and it must state the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Title of thesis
  3. Semester and year (e.g. Autumn 2021)
  4. Name of institution

Single/double-sided page set-up is optional. Remember pagination.

In need of help with layout or reference style?

If you need help with the layout of your thesis or reference style (e.g. APA), please contact NMH's library.

Cover for the Master's Thesis

You can get help to create a cover for your master's thesis in the NMH profile if you wish.

Then, you must submit the title, subtitles, and your name, as well as whether the assignment is in music education, music therapy, or music theory.

On the cover, we use illustrations made especially for NMH, and you can choose the illustration you want. You can also use a picture on the cover instead of an illustration, but the rights to the image must be clarified.

Do you want help with creating a cover?

Examples of covers.

Approval and publishing

After approval, the thesis will be published in NMH-Brage. All Master's theses submitted and approved at the Norwegian Academy of Music will be made available through this search engine.

Read in detail the course description for Master Project in your Prospectus.