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Everything you need to know regarding exams – written, digital (computer based), performance, rehearsal schedule, grading and final marks.

Exams spring 2021

Spring exams of 2021 will, like the two previous semesters, be affected by the Covid pandemic. The Academic Affairs Committee (SU) has decided upon adaptations to help create a predictable execution of examinations as possible.

Remember to check your NMH e-mail regularly. Updated information about the exam in principal instruments will be sent to the students concerned.

Read about assessments and exams in spring 2021.

Time and place

Examination procedures are governed by university regulations. For general guidelines about evaluation and grading, deferrals and rights of complaint, see the NMH Academic Regulations.

Exam schedules, locations and practical information about your courses are available in

  • TimeEdit
  • Studentweb
  • your course description


Please remember

It is your responsibility to ensure that your exam registrations are correct and according to your plan of study.


Exam information about instrument groups, examiners, location and accompanists can be found by using TimeEdit.


You can find an overview of all your registered exams under the banners "innsyn", followed by "vurderingsmeldinger".

You will also find your individual exam candidate number here.

Questions regarding exams?

Any exam related inquiries should be directed to the Exams Office:

Exams Office: