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Policies You Should Know

Student rights and responsibilities, laws and regulations you should know while studying at the Academy.

Student rights and responsibilities

All students must pay the term fee, register and confirm their class schedule every term.

"Students are responsible for ensuring that course registrations are correct according to specific programme requirements".

Copyright and the use of student presentation recordings

The Norwegian Academy of Music wish to document student performances with audio and video recordings

We document the following activities, all of which are already public performances:

  • Productions with larger and smaller ensembles at NMH.
  • Participation in open master classes.
  • Exam concerts and other performance exam presentations.

Recordings of different other performances can also be possible, but in these cases rights will be cleared in each matter.

NMH has the right and obligation to document activity throug the Act relating to universities and university Colleges §1-1 and §1-3.

Privacy in research projects

When you lead or participate in a project, you are responsible for complying with the Privacy Act (GDPR).

When you are writing an assignment or doing a project where you want to use personal information, you must be aware that there are a number of requirements for such use and that you must have permission from the Norwegian Center for Data Research (NSD) before data collection can begin. All projects must be reported to NSD.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the rules and guidelines that apply.

Research ethics

Les om retningslinjer, lovverk og opplæring i forskningsetikk ved Musikkhøgskolen. De etiske retningslinjene er særlig viktig å kunne for masterstudenter.

Read about guidelines, legislation and instruction in research ethics at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Master's students must familiarise themselves with these ethical guidelines.